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Ask any UK gambler if they have heard of the name Stan James and the answer will be a resounding yes. They may not be a market leader but they are a name closely linked with the fortunes of the gambling community. There are a number of online gaming sites out there and some are more popular than others. On a world wide basis, few can match the popularity of the StanJames site.

Markets At Stan James

The sheer bulk of information provided on the front page makes it difficult to comprehend all of the Sportsbook options but all of the sports you would associate with gambling can be found here. Although not one of the top ranking betting firms, Stan James prides itself on the number of options it provides and the prices it offers to customers. Having examined other sites it is difficult to say if Stan James is a market leader in these fields but it definitely belongs with the contenders.

The live in play betting options is hampered by what is being televised and this may at times narrow the choice of options available. Given the increasing number of sports and live matches available on television this may not be too much of a problem but there may be times when the live betting options are limited.

There are Games, Skill Games, Slots, Casino and Poker options available on the site but there is no provision for Bingo or Lotto offerings. It is fair to say that the graphics of these games are certainly not cutting edge but this does not diminish from the fun that can be had from playing them.

Site Usability

An immediate thing about the website of Stan James is the large amount of text that can be found on the opening page. They go into great detail about many of the betting options available but it is all rendered in a small text size. This may make it difficult for many users to use this website.

It is also not easy to find out more information about the company, how to contact them with any problems or just the backgrounds of them firm. Many sites encourage communication and have very easy to find contact sections but Stand James makes it very difficult to find out more about them. You have to navigate through the Help drop-down section to find out more information, which is not good, especially for people who have just joined the site.

There is a useful guidelines and tips section which details how the site works and what you can do to get the most from it but again, this is not easy to find.

Free Bets / Bonuses

Like a vast majority of sites, Stan James offers a matching bet to the value of 25 for all new members. There is also the opportunity for new Casino users to gain up to 100 in free bets and this does not require many strict guidelines. Basically, you have to play in a certain amount of games and the money is yours which is not bad considering some of the hoops certain sites make you jump through to earn your free bet.

Other Features

Not every site can claim to offer commentary fro cricket matches but Stan James can and they also providing At The Races audio and visual options too. This is in addition to the mobile gambling options provided by the site.

Other Thoughts

So why select Stan James? This is a question many may ask when they first come across this betting site while perusing the internet. It is a fair question so let's answer it. Stan James is a reliably popular service that attracts many serious gamblers. Also, if you enjoy variety in your sports betting then this is most definitely a service to become a member.

Even a cursory glance at this Stan James' website reveals that the sheer volume of choice is spectacular. If you want to place a bet on a baseball game, then join in on an online poker game and afterwards try your luck at slots Stan James can facilitate all these requests and more. Yes, variety is the spice of life and with Stan James you get far more variety than you would at a number of fly by night operations.

Of course, there will be those who only like to play one particular game. That is fine. If you want to stick with one particular gambling venture then StanJames remains an excellent service to bring you business. It is a reliable payer that has provided many happy customers with solid winnings. As such, if you are looking for a solid online gaming venue Stan James remains among the best of the best.

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